Portable Bag Sealer Mini Bag Heat Sealer

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Brand Karidge
Material Plastic, Iron, Polyvinyl Chloride
Color Yellow2
Operation Mode Manual
Wattage 20 watts

About this item

  • 【Keep Snacks & Food Fresher, Longer】This heat sealer is a cool gadgets for potato chip lovers, the 5 sealing lines can perfectly seal the plastic bags to isolate the food from the air and prevent the food from oxidation and moisture. Portable sealing machine will be able to replace your bag sealer sticks, food storage sealing clips. A great gift for your family and friends!
  • 【Works with Wide Variety of Plastic Bags】Food sealer can seal a variety of plastics bags, popsicle bag, snack bags, ceral bag, foil bag, chip bags, color street nail strips, coffee bag, candy bag and kinds of PVC material. Depending on the bag type, you can get a seal in 3-5 seconds. NOTE: It is not suitable for ultra-thin plastic bags, ordinary paper bags and non-hot melt bags.
  • 【Eco-Friendly】You will no longer need to buy extra airtight bags, food storage bags, bag sealer sticks, plastic sealing clips to seal your food, you just need to re-seal the original bag. This handheld sealing machine will save at least $500 a year! And power cable supply, fast heating speed, you do not need to waste extra money on batteries.
  • 【Lightweight & Compact Design】This mini plastic bag sealer heat seal machine comes with a plastic storage case and hook, you can hang on the wall, easy to use, and compact size 7.87 *2.36*1.18 inch is convenient for storage in every corner of the kitchen and living room. Great ideal for home use!
  • 【100% Satisfaction Services】You Can Get: 1* Bag Sealer; 1* Power Cable 1* Storage box with hooks; 1* 360 Days Warranty Extension. We provide 7*24 Live Chat Support, if you are not satisfied, we support unconditional refund or re-send. NO RISK! ORDER IT NOW!

Product Description

Karidge Bag Sealer Heat Seal Mini Bga Sealer Kitchen Gadgets

 Chip Bag Sealer

Please check the product size and description before buying, this is a “Mini small bag sealer”, not a “Big bag sealer”!


Q1: The heating plate too hot and melts the plastic bag making it impossible to seal?

A1: Please control the preheating time of the sealing machine according to the thickness of the bag, the preheating time is about 30-60s. We recommend that you turn off the power after the sealer has been heated for 30-60 seconds, after turning off the power, you can still use the temperature that it has not dissipated to seal the bags. This will prevent you from melting the plastic bag due to continuous heating during the sealing. After the temperature drops, you can continue to turn on the switch to heat and seal. When the thin bag is sealing, it only needs to be pressed for 1-2s to release. Do not press the bag for a long time to seal, so as not to burn the bag due to high temperature.

Q2: What type of bags cannot be sealed?

A2: Do not use a thin bag or paper bag to seal (such as cling film, shrink wrap bags, cellophane bags), it is likely to melt the bags and cannot be sealed. It only works with certain kinds of wrapper plastic. For example, used for snack bags, Foil bag, chip bags, Pet food bag, mylar bags, Color street nail strips etc.

Q3: The product does not heat up when plugged in?

A3: We provide 7*24 Live Chat Support, if you have any problem with the product you received, please chat us through Amazon in time. We will help you to solve it.



  • It’s not a hair straightener or curling iron, it just looks similar.. Please don’t use it to straighten or curl your hair to avoid damage to your hair.
  • Do not touch the heating pad when using it, keep away from children and avoid burns.
  • Do not heat for a long time, please turn off the power button in time when not in use to avoid burning the heat sealer. Your safety and satisfaction is our main concern!


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